Is your relationship getting stale?  Is it moving in the same direction that everyone's elses is, you know the good old hum-drums?  Yawn......

Are you feeling like your being taken advantage of, because your Partner doesn't take the time anymore.  You know, that special look or hug, the genuine look of interest in their eyes. Has all the romance disappeared?

        “In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities” – Janos Arnay

I use to really hate it when my Spouse thought being Romantic was a quickie.  Where did the intimacy go?  Where are the candles, the quiet moments of just talking, touching, just being together.

Well, don't worry, you can get it back.....You CAN HAVE PASSION AND FEEL CONNECTED in your relationship. Sometimes in relationships we can have security, compatibility, Love and the same life dreams together, but life and the responsibilities of living can have a corossive effect on our passion and connection with our partner.... If we let it.

Keeping the passion and connection in our relationship just requires us to put a little energy in that direction.  And if it's really something that you want back, then a little positive energy in that direction will be well worth it. 

In today's world we seem to get caught in the not enough energy cycle.  But,  if you can make a little time to put the passion and connection back into your relationship,  it will be well worth it,  besides,  positive energy always makes the world seem more do-able, and believe it or not can create more energy!

So, how do you go about creating more passion and connection in your relationship?  I have made a list of a few of the ways you can create that, and after reading this list I'm sure you will be able to come up with a few of your own.

1.  Remember when you were dating?  Some how you managed to take the time then... Well, do the same now!  What a novel Idea!  No, you don't have to go out.  You can create passion and connection right in your own home.  First think about what it is you and your spouse used to do, Then imagine doing that again, this will get you in the mood to be romantic yourself. Then plan the most romantic evening you can think of, something that will allow you and your spouse to have time to talk and reconnect emotionally.  Don't bring up any issues you might have at the moment, let them go for the night.  If you have kids, have a friend or relative take them for the night or a few hours. Also don't get your expectations up, just plan on a quiet night to just be together, if the passion starts to fly, well Great!

2.  Remember - anything ignored will disappear,  this includes your passion and connection to each other.  So try to make it a daily habit to say something positive to your spouse.... with sinceriety.  Tell them how great they look, or how much you love them, or how grateful you are for them, you get the idea.  Sometimes just a small note can say a lot. And we all love those occasionally unexpected cards. The point is, just verbalizing our appreciation can make a big change.

3.  Do you give your spouse a peck on the check when they leave for the day?  Try this.  When they lean in for that little peck, grab them and lay a real kiss on them, and make sure to put a little passion in it.  That will give them something to think about all day long.

4.  Create a few games to spice up your love life, this will put a little fun along with passion back into your relationship. 

5.  Play Truth or Dare.  Remember how much fun that used to be?  Well it still can be fun and can also open up a positive dialogue with your mate.  Just make sure to keep all negativity out of it.  Now is not the time to say things that might need a counselor present.

6.  Take a bubble bath! By candelight!  Another great idea and so relaxing and romantic.  And yes, you both can fit in a regular sized tub.  I'm 5'10" (female) and we would just wrap ourselfs around each other, very cozy!  My spouse and I used to soap up each others back and write special messages, then we would try to figure out what the message was.  Really hard to do, but so much fun! Give it a try.

Well these should get your imagination going.  Just remember that the passion and connection in your relationship takes you to be conscious of it,  So take action on creating it.

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Have you recently broken up from a relationship and wondering exactly what it was that broke your relationship up?

Relationships aren't immune from having problems,And if you got into the relationship thinking they are, then you need a wake-up call. Every Relationship has problems, some more then others. Most problems can be worked out, in fact working through problems will make your relationship stronger, and if done right can bring you closer together. But there are 6 reasons why your lover will leave, and these are very specific reasons.

                                     “If every raindrop would be one of your smiles, I wish it rains
                  heavily throughout, so that there is no space for unhappiness in your life” – Unknown

Have you recently broken up from a relationship and wondering exactly what it was that broke your relationship up?

Relationships aren't immune from having problems,And if you got into the relationship thinking they are, then you need a wake-up call. Every Relationship has problems, some more then others. Most problems can be worked out, in fact working through problems will make your relationship stronger, and if done right can bring you closer together. But there are 6 reasons why your lover will leave, and these are very specific reasons.  

The 6 reasons why lovers leave a relationship if not avoided will put a strain on the relationship, if not totally destroy it. Below I have listed these 6 mistakes and if any of them are a mistake you or your Partner have made, well then, it could take a lot of work to get the relationship backbone even ground or the trust you both had for each other back again.  

These are the reasons lovers leave and relationships Break up. You need to try to avoid these 6 mistakes if you want a long, trusting, caring relationship.  

1. CHEATING- Cheating is the most inexcusable, dumbest thing to do to somebody. And yet people do it all the time! I'm sure you know of someone (if not yourself) who has gone through the heartache of their painter cheating on them. It's heartbreaking! Cheating destroys trust and can create a lot of doubt and insecurities in the other person. If there is Love in your heart for your partner then Never, Never cheat on them. If you can't control your sexual urges or addiction then be honest with your Spouse, and do whatever you need to do to take care of the problem (counseling?) or be kind enough to break it off with your partner and save them from going through all the pain that infidelity can cause.  

2. BEING A CONTROL FREAK - This is another one that can ruin a relationship. Sure, I understand that it's important to let your spouse know where it is your going, who your going with, etc.... But to constantly be harassed by constant calls, texts and accusations is next to unbearable. And It's basically emotional abuse and shoe's not only a lack of love for your spouse, but a lack of self esteem in the person who is doing it. Just don't do this, it's very destructive and hurtful.  

3. No EMOTIONAL SUPPORT - Everybody needs someone to talk to, to lean on, a shoulder to cry on. Someone who takes the time to listen to us and care about what we are feeling. Thats called Emotional Support. And every relationship should put a high priority on it. If you don't provide your spouse with emotional support who will? If they can't go to the one they love and talk to them about how their feeling without being put down or ignored, then more then likely they will go someplace else, plain and simple. So show the one you love that how they feel is important to you, and listen to them.  

4. HOLDING GRUDGES- Have you ever known someone who just won't let things go? For years you hear about so meting that happened years ago, and they are still holding on to the emotion of that incident? Now if it was a happy incident well that can be good, but a lot of people hold on to a small slight, or a mistake someone made, or a old hurt. Don't allow these in your relationship. If you or your spouse are doing this, then you need to stop. Figure out why your still hurt or angry and let it go. Fights in a relationship are normal, they can help clean the air, but don't bring up old stuff during a fight (or any other time if you can help it). You need to stay on track with what it is your not getting along about so that you can resolve that issue. This is not the time to resolve the old ones. This can also be called nagging.  

5. BOREDOM IN THE RELATIONSHIP - Yes, we can reach a stage with our partners where it seems like there is nothing to talk about, and there doesn't seem to be any excitement, where there is boredom in our relationship. And like some people you can internalize it and think that your partner is bored with you or think it's an indication that something in your relations is wrong. This is also a reason some people use to be unfaithful. Well don't let boredom in your relationship destroy the love that you have for each other. Boredom in a relationship is normal, and sometimes will disappear by itself. Just a small phase that will come and go. You can look at it like you are comfortable with each other, and appreciate the quietness, or you can take this opportunity to try and create something new and exciting in your relationship. Whatever you do don't take this phase personal, talk it over and discover new things to do together.  

6. LYING- Lying in my opinion is right up there with cheating. In fact they go hand in hand. But you can also have the person who doesn't cheat lie about everything anyway. Lying destroys trust, and without trust you have no relationship. When a person Lie's it shows their spouse that they have things to hide or that they don't love the other person enough to be truthfully. It also creates doubt. How can anything they say be taken as the truth? When they say "I love you" you doubt it. Lying puts your whole relationship in doubt.  

These are the 6 Reasons Why Lovers Leave ...and most of them should never have a chance to ruin any body's relationship because all 6 of them can be avoided by having just a little loyalty, trust, consideration, and dedication! These are things I'd expect any happy couple to have...without them a relationship just wont make it. And if your responsible for any of these then that is why your lover has left.

There are Pitfalls are in every relationship. The best way to avoid them is to be aware of what they are and then taking the steps necessary not to do them. The Magic Of Making Up teaches you how to avoid the pitfalls in a relationship, and what steps to take is your relationship is in trouble. So if your trying to save your relationship and get it back on even ground the I would urge you to take a look at what TDub Jackson has to offer you, you can't beat it for the price, plus it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee if the methods he teaches you don't work. You can check out his program here. I wish you the best of Luck.
After researching this subject "What Makes Men Fall In Love" I have come to the conclusion that men are just as complicated as women.  And that most of the things that we do to attract someone of the opposite sex is just natural.  If I had to sit down and plan how I was going to act to attract a man then I would probably give up.  I mean, if it's something that you need to "act" to do, then eventually the act will disappear and he will be left with the natural you.  Fortunately for us "what makes men fall in love" will come natural, especially when you run across a man that triggers your pheromones ( in Greek

known as the "excitement carrier") and hopefully you will trigger his.

But there are some interesting data I found on this topic on "What Makes Men Fall In Love?"that I know you will find interesting. So keep on reading, I think you will be surprised to realize that a lot of these things are things that you do naturally.

First of all I discovered that men get butterflies in their stomach too!  I would have never guessed!  And that they really do desire to find someone to fall in love with. That it's not just all about sex.  They have that nesting urge in them as much as women do, to just find that one mate to make a home with and to have children with. 

So what attributes do women have that makes a man fall in love? From what I have discovered, men have four basic needs, and if he finds these qualities in you then his desire to be with you increase. I have included them below.

The Need To Protect. 

Yes, men are wired to nurture.  Nurturing and sheltering you from harm makes him feel like a Man. So, letting him see your vulnerable side will bring him closer to you, it will bring out that instinct to take care of you.  So let him take charge on occasion, and be sure to thank him when he does. Here is a list of things that will bring out his superman, and make him feel good.

1.  Give him a job to do or ask him for help with something, create opportunities for him to feel needed.  And whatever you do don't control the situation, just sit back and let him be the superman.

2.  Ask his opinion on so meting and listen. It makes him feel like you value his opinion and his brain.

3.  Dress feminine.  OK, you don't have to do this all the time, but on occasional it won't hurt.  If you like to wear jeans then make sure your underclothing is sexy.  Men love soft sexy clothes, they accentuate your feminine nature which ignites his amorous nature. But also on occasion wear his clothes, his shirt at night over you naked body is  a real turn-on.  His jacket when you get cold.  These make him feel like you have chosen him over other guys.

      “I love you, not only for what you are, But for what I am when I am with you.” – Roy Croft

The Need For Freedom

Men need to know that their male identity will still be there when they become attached to a woman. So, it's important that you let him know that you don't expect him to change, that you are not out to fix him. He needs to feel that you understand him and that his identity is safe.  Here is a list of other things you can show him to make him feel safe.

1. Turn him down on occasion. It will make him feel more at ease knowing that your life isn't tied around him, that you have your own identity.  It will also make him curious, and therefore pursue you more.

2.  Share your own fears about commitment, it will make him feel more at ease and that your not out to get him. It will also open up some communication about how you both feel.

3.  Change your appearance when you feel like it.  Don't ask for his permission or approval.  If you want to color your hair or wear a different shade of lipstick, then go for it.  This lets him know that there is more then one side to you, which can be exciting.

4.  Respect his space.  Don't bug him about where he has been or what he does all day.  Don't just show up at his door, rummage through his drawers or always checking his cell phone.  Allow him his own space.  His space is a symbol of independence, so respect it.

5.  Appreciate him.  Make sure to let him know that you notice the small things he does.

The Need To Shine

Yes, men can be just as insecure as women, even if they don't act it.  And they need to know you respect and appreciate them, but they if you can make them feel better about who they are, well that's just a big plus, especially around others. So here are some tips to help you do that.

1.  Make him laugh. Tease him about the little stupid things he does, or during the little ha ha moments, like when he falls out of bed during sex. Just try to keep things light and he will treasure you.

2.  Be social and drag him along.  Most men don't have a lot of social graces, so take the lead and be the social butterfly.  He will appreciate you for it, in fact, he might take credit for it.

3.  Be intellectual with him, take politics, play scrabble, chess.  Men love the mental stimulation, and from his lady is twice as good.

4.  Act like the grand prize when you are out with him, it will make him feel very manly.

                                      “Love is that condition in which the happiness
                         of another person is essential to your own.” – Robert Heinlein

The Need To Feel Comfort

Did you know there is a chemical (oxytocin) that floods the brain that helps develop attachment, or falling in love?  And you know what else, you can help to release these chemicals by making him feel like the two of you fit together, that you are comfortable together.  So here are some tips that will make him feel comfortable.

1.  Let him see you bath, shower, or groom yourself.  This will enhance intimacy, something that nobody else has privy to, just him.  Make sure you don't do any of the gross stuff, like bleaching your mustache.

2.  Cook together.  We all know that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, but food also spikes the oxytocin levels in him, these chemicals creates good feelings, which he will associate with you.

3.  When grocery shopping, buy a few things that he likes, this will make him feel more at home when he comes over.

4.  Take little cat naps next to him, or doze off in his arms, he will see you at your most vulnerable and trusting, and make him feel more protective of you.

So, that is what my research has taught me on "What Makes Men Fall in Love?" Basically it all comes down to chemicals and you being a woman and him being a man.  But it doesn't hurt to know what makes us tick.  Lord knows I could use all the help I can get on trying to figure out what makes men fall in love. 

When I started to do some research on "Passion in a  Relationship"  I was really confused.  My initial intention was to Learn more about Passion for a relationship, but all the information I ran across linked passion with Sex.  Not that I don't think sex should not have passion in it, or that Couples should not have sexual passion for each other...I feel both is a positive attribute to have in a relationship.  It's just that I felt you should have a passion FOR your relationship for it to work, (and if you have passion for your relationship, well then, you will have a passionate sex life- a benefit of having passion for your relationship) and unfortunately I couldn't find anything on that.

So, where is the Passion For Your Relationship?  Why isn't there a blaringly common threat on that subject like there is on communication in a relationship. 

Maybe it's just me who is confused about the word "Passion".  So I immediately went to the dictionary to find the correct meaning.  This is what I found:

pas·sion [pash-uhn]
1.  any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as Love or hate.
2.  strong amorous feeling or desire; love; ardor.
3.  strong sexual desire; lust.
4.  an instance or experience of strong love or sexual desire.
5.  a person toward whom one feels strong love or sexual desire.
6.  a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything: a passion for music.
7.  the object of such a fondness or desire: Accuracy became a passion with him.
8.  an outburst of strong emotion or feeling: He suddenly broke into a passion of bitter words.
9.  violent anger.
10. the state of being acted upon or affected by something external, especially something alien to one's nature or one's customary behavior (contrasted with action).
11. (often initial capital letter) Theology .
     a. the sufferings of Christ on the cross or His sufferings subsequent to the Last Supper.
     b. the narrative of Christ's sufferings as recorded in the Gospels.
12. Archaic . the sufferings of a martyr.

So what I'm reading is that passion is a strong emotion, that could be love, anger, happiness, etc..... It's us who equate it with love or anger, It' basically "Just A Strong Emotion" about or for something.  A passion for singing...A passion for painting....A passion for my relationship.  Yeah, that works.  So, it's my observation that when most of us get into a relationship with someone, that relationship should start out with a passion.... to be with the other person, to have sex, to have that relationship work out.  That is our ultimate goal.  To have the relationship work out, to be with that person for a long, long time.  That is where the passion starts, and ultimately that is the kind of passion I was looking for.

Here is a quote from John Little Prince that explains Passion to a tee, and notice that the word sex isn't mentioned once.

"What is passion? For most people, the word “passion” refers to that something which they can do with utmost fondness, that something which awakens their inner desires to go beyond typical, that something which drives them to forget that they are alive and causes them to go beyond natural. Passion for some is that something which they truly love with supreme sincerity, that something which allows them to wake up in the morning with something to look forward to, and above all, that something which gives them genuine happiness in their lives. Passion is defined by many things to many people."

                                     "I, however, believe that passion cannot be defined in
                                   all its brilliance by mere words. Instead, passion defines."
                                  “Tell me what your passion is, and I’ll tell you who you are.”

                                                                  -John Little Prince

Now that I have that figured out, and probably bored you in the meantime (sorry) let's get on with the initial question.

Has the Passion for your relationship diedDo you no longer desire it to work? Is everything a drudge, takes too much effort. Do you fantasize about having your own place, someplace where he/she isn't.  (that was my fantasy for the longest time!)  We'll before you give up completely, lets look at some other options.

Do you know that you Can Get The Passion back I know that it might sound impossible right now, and maybe your thinking, "why would I possibly want it back?" "Yuck! You can have him/her, cause I'm done!"  Well, slow down just a minute here.  At one time you "had a Passion for him/her, and for this relationship that your in."  Plus, your here so your obviously online looking for a solution.  So, lets just take a minute and look at this.

What you need to do it to take a little timeout from everythingJust a little while, because if you want to get this relationship back on track your going to need to do a little work.  So, take a little time out and sit back and go back to when your relationship just started out.  I want you to go right back there and remember how you felt, all the emotions.

Now I want you to really focus on the feelings of that memory.  That feeling is called Passion, passion for this relationship, for that person.  That is the feeling we need to bring back.

So how do you start?  The first thing I feel you need to do is bring that feeling up every day. Everyday when you get up and look across at that person, remember that feeling.

Second, of course is communication A long-term marriage or relationship based on compatible friendship with good communication can revive the old courtship days when they are needed. But, unfortunately it's the thing most couples lack.

You both might be filling the same way, but if you won't talk about it then you just sit there and let it eat you up inside.

SO, here are three Tips to help you re-open the communication lines:

1.  You both need to sit down, not together, and write each other a letter.  Talk about what has been bothering, things you might not understand about your Partner, how you want things to be, what you miss.  The list can go on and on. You don't need to cover all of these topics in one letter, but at least start with one.  Try to keep any blaming or negative accusations our of the letter, just express how you feel. Give your letter to your partner, and set up a time for a later date to discuss them.

2.  Get together, over coffee or lunch, and discuss the letters How they made you feel, etc.... once again, don't blame, attack, or feel like your being blamed or attacked.  Just listen and acknowledge the other person when they share.

If you have a hard time sharing or discussing things without blowing up, then do this exercise out in a public place. Just remember not to take things personal or get defensive.

3.  Try to make this a weekly, or every other day, thing to do. This exercise should open up the communication lines, and get both of you reconnected, which will bring the passion in your relationship back.

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